Woot is offering refurbished Kindle e-readers for just $30

Woot is now offering Kindle e-reader devices at dirt cheap rates. The only catch is that these are refurbished Kindles that are being offered and not brand new ones. The retailer described the refurbished status as one which covers items that buyers might have returned after they didn’t find it to their liking or those that come with some defects that have eventually been rectified by experts. Further, Woot also described there might be discontinued items included as well as those that might have had their packaging damaged.

The e-readers otherwise are in perfect working order and it could be like you have had them for a few years. The retailer however didn’t mention if there are dents and scratches to be seen on the devices though that seems quite likely. So, if you believe you can make do with such a past for the devices, it is a steal deal, to say the least. Take for instance a 10th generation Kindle from 2019 with 8 GB storage. It’s an ad-supported Wi-Fi-only model that is on offer for $29.99.

The Sales Stats Snapchat shown on the retailer’s page is showing 82 percent opted to buy one while just 3 percent of buyers opted to buy a pair of these. Again, 15 percent of the buyers opted to buy or more of the e-readers. The retailer said each buyer is limited to buying up to ten of the Kindle devices. Woot though said the offer is going to be in effect till stocks last.

So, if all of this sound enticing enough, you know where to head to. You got to act fast though.

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